they are always different, they are always the same

January 18, 2016 - workbook

Yellow_Pocket_1024x1024The new piece for Lutherie Urbaine is beginning to take shape finally. Despite my previous post about modular rules structures, that idea has not really materialised at this point. What it did do though was get me thinking about card games again, which has been an endless source of fun, but less directly focused on the task at hand. I also found Artefact cards when thinking about mocking up the piece, and this has led me to a new notebook approach potentially. I say potentially as they are all lovely and empty and I can’t think what to write on them yet. Might be a card game.

The new piece is going to explore different types of mass behaviour though. It’s going to be a series of activities for large groups (at least 20 performers) that can be combined and overlaid in different ways. Each activity involves everybody doing the same thing, such that their individual differences or the materials they use are highlighted as points of contrast. It emerged from my trip to Paris to work with the school children in December. They produced group versions of a single page from with paper and it was great to watch and listen to, for example, the way they individually shaded a set of rectangles. So this is what will happen in the new piece, but with a much wider range of activities. It even has a title which is they are always different, they are always the same, which is, apparently, how John Peel used to describe The Fall.

[featured image: Marie Rouillon: Daily Haptics / All the same all different]

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