Some new pieces for Parkinson Saunders. I think.

what we are doing at the moment.

Tim and I are working on some new pieces ahead of a performance on 27 May as part of the series run by Emmanuelle Waeckerle. We’re not sure what we’re going to be playing just yet, but it will be some new work, and a few recent piece we expect. We’ve moved a little more towards just playing our own music at the moment, but will certainly do some other stuff at some point in the future.

Originally this performance was going to happen in 2020, and we’d made a few new pieces in preparation. Not all of it will work online, but we’ll see. It’s good to be making some work with a performance in mind again.

guided sequences

[03.04.21] I think I have a new piece now which we’re trying out by recording our parts separately and then editing together to try it out. If that works, then we’ll try a live version on Zoom. The piece is provisionally titled guided sequence, possibly with a subtitle naming the particular artificial voices being used. So so far the version we might play is guided sequence #1 (with Karen and Emma). The piece involves all players using the same pitch sequence (in this case #1), but directed where to play from by different artificial voice tracks (in this case Karen and Emma). The instructions cue points in the sequence, as well as other indications such as looping, holding a pitch, or speeding up.

fast show

[10.04.21] We’ve got a little further this week in preparing for the series. Given the uncertainty around whether we can perform live in London (I need to get there too), we’re making an online show. It will be prerecorded and comprise a lot of short pieces, perhaps with some longer segments. It’s looking like we’ll make five pieces each. I’m probably going to do the piece mentioned above, another idea from last year that never got anywhere, and hopefully finally a few songs that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Tim normally does the songs, but I’ve wanted to for a while. I say songs, it’s mostly going to be talking, lists, and hitting whatever is on my desk.

ready to go

[20.05.21] We finished editing the video for the online show today. It has ten new pieces (ten!) by me and Tim, as well as a couple of short interlude videos that will probably loop before we start. Some of the pieces are different versions of the same thing, and the last piece by Tim is, in my view, quite astonishing. After the event we’ll post all the videos separately in the usual places.

available to view

[03.06.21] The show was streamed through and Iklecktik last week. The full show can be seen here and the video sequence itself is below.