Table layouts

Table layouts

I’ve been working on the setup for my Donaueschingen piece with Tom Pauwels from Ictus Ensemble this week. The piece is for eight instrumentalists, each with a table of auxiliary instruments and an iPad playing back samples through a local speaker. We’re working on the logistics, so Tom has mocked up this plan. I really like the printed placeholders for some of the objects, although the whoopee cushion will be something else.

Table layout is something I’m always thinking about when playing with Tim in Parkinson Saunders. We often have some quick resets needed, and I try to be as efficient as possible with these by having gridded arrangements and making layout plans on the score. Last year when working with Thierry Madiot on like you and like you, he went a step further by marking out a grid with masking tape on the black tablecloth. This is starting to get a little obsessive now perhaps, but it was super clear.




Here are some more pictures of tables. It doesn’t get more exciting than this.


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