some new pieces you can go and listen to

some new pieces you can go and listen to

I’ve got a few performances coming up over the next few weeks, including some new pieces. Last week Weston Olencki and Charlie Sdraulig’s new duo people making sounds played lots and lots for us to do a couple of times in California. In March in which one thing depends on another is being played by Ruben Zilberstein and Alex Nikiporenko for the first time at 840 in Islington (5th), followed a few days later by its second performance by distractfold at RNCM (8th). This will be part of a series organised by Larry Goves in which a few of my pieces are being played, including another new one, we gradually have more things to do and fewer things to say. The rest of the programme sees the excellent Philip Thomas playing Tom Johnson.

I’m also working on a project with Thierry Madiot and children from Ecole Paul Langevin at the moment, and the piece will be played in April in Paris (had to get that in). It comprises a lot of group actions, and is titled they are always different, they are always the same. Then later in the month I have a new piece for ddmmyy in its first run in London, following its success in Manchester over the past four years. This is going to be the first piece in what may be a new series that mines my old #[unassigned] archive and presents the material in new ways.



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