my olympic challenge

After watching the London Olympics I thought it would be fun to have a go at track cycling, so I booked a session at the Newport Velodrome. I had a great time, and on my drive home I wondered if it would be possible to try all the Olympic sports before the 2016 Rio games. So here I am, giving it a go. Some of it is fairly straightforward I hope – table tennis, football, tennis – but some bits are a little more complicated because a) I’m not a very good swimmer, b) I’ve never ridden a horse, c) I’m fairly bad with heights, and d) I’m unfit. I can do something about a few of these, but 10m diving is going to be my worst nightmare.

I’ve started a blog which will track my progress, and decided to use the project to raise money for MS as it affected my father. I’ve got just under four years to do this, so hopefully time to raise some money. Hope you can support me please!