[rout] performance at Kings Place

July 22, 2012 / 0 comments

Here’s a video of an excerpt from my piece nothing reveals itself without at the same time concealing something else performed by [rout] at Lost & Found at Kings Place on 15 July.

foraging for sounds

July 15, 2012 / 0 comments

I’ve been in St Andrews for a couple of days for the World Saxophone Congress to hear the new piece for eight saxophones that was commissioned by RICO, the reed manufacturer. I had some time on Saturday, so went for a long walk along the beach next to the Old Course. Apart from being adopted…

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Word Events reviewed

June 14, 2012 / 0 comments

I’ll add reviews of Word Events here as and when they appear. To get started, here’s a positive one from Avant Music News by Daniel Barbiero. 30.07.12: Tim Rutherford-Johnson at his blog, The Rambler 03.09.12: Kurt Gottschalk at The Brooklyn Rail    

Parkinson Saunders website

June 5, 2012 / 0 comments

Tim and I finally have a Parkinson Saunders website. It’s only taken us ten years – it’s our anniversary website! There are a few recordings and videos there at the moment, and we’ll add more content over the coming months. You can visit us at www.parkinsonsaunders.com.

Word Events book published

May 2, 2012 / 0 comments

As the picture shows, the book on verbal notation John Lely and I wrote over the past three years is now published! This is a pre-release copy, so it may be a couple of weeks before it’s available, and I think it comes out in the USA first. We had a great time working on…

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old interviews added

April 6, 2012 / 0 comments

I’ve uploaded some old email interviews that were originally completed in 1999 to my new interview page. So far I’ve added the interviews with Liza Lim and Tom Johnson, and there may be a couple more in the next few weeks. I’m going to add some new interviews to these gradually over the next few months,…

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book and journal nearly ready

March 30, 2012 / 0 comments

The outcomes of the two writing projects I’ve been working on over the past three years look likely to appear at around the same time. The book Word Events: Perspectives on Verbal Notation which I wrote with John Lely, supported by some wonderful contributors, is almost complete. John has just finished compiling the index, and we’re…

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new interviews

March 25, 2012 / 0 comments

I’m just about to start a new set of interviews with composers after a break of a couple of years. I did a set of 14 which ended up in the Ashgate book (of which two have recently appeared in German in MusikTexte), and there’s another one with Rebecca Saunders which we’re going to make…

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January 11, 2012 / 0 comments

There’s a review of the another timbre CD posted at the All About Jazz site. This is my first jazz review.

Revue & Corrigee

January 8, 2012 / 0 comments

Tim Parkinson has written an article about British-based composers Matteo Fargion, Laurence Crane, Bryn Harrison, John Lely, Markus Trunk and me for the French magazine Revue & Corrigee. Tim writes about the article: I’’m going to describe the work of six composers in Britain at the moment whose music I like. To me it’s just that:…

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