notebook angst

November 6, 2016 - workbook

My notebook is about to run out of space again. I am finding myself hanging around art shops and stationers with a slightly nervous need to buy things. I don’t know whether to get a refill – it’s a modular notebook folder that I can refill – or do something different for a while. It’s been a perfect solution for the last four years, but I wonder if having this one way to think about ideas is too leading in the kind of work I produce. In particular over the past couple of months while working on an orchestra piece I’m finding myself using separate bits of paper, largely due to needing more space, and also to write actual notes on staves. The temptation to use some very large A1 paper I have is quite strong – basically filling it up like a canvas or desk blotter – but it’s not portable. A return to loose sheets of A4 paper is tempting, but I think I’ve done that already. There might be some other notebook options to try, possibly ones I’m less precious about. Binders are also something that could work as it allows me to organise notes more flexibly. Or perhaps I should just go and buy some new notebooks. I’ll go and buy some new notebooks. OK, that’s a good plan.

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