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March 26, 2016 - news

I made a post over Christmas that begins to think think through the #[unassigned] project that I worked on from 2000-2009. I wanted to go back over my notebooks, sketches, scores and recordings to piece together how I made the different versions. So I started with #051000, which is the first proper version of #[unassigned] and wrote a little bit about how I made it. It’s mostly from memory and rereading what I wrote in my notes, and I think there are some pages I’ve missed that might be in a box in my garage somewhere. I’ve just continued with two new posts on #280101 and #010201 which were written for Darragh Morgan, and will over the next year or so try to write something about each version. If anyone who I wrote the pieces for or who was involved in some way, or perhaps heard the pieces in performance, would like to add comments, please do. It’s perhaps a little bit self-indulgent to do this, but hopefully someone might find it interesting or useful.

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