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November 7, 2013 - composition

The version of #[unassigned] which I made for Apartment House in 2004 has been re-released by NMC on their new Digital Discoveries series. Most of the recordings are of pieces by composers who were part of the BMIC’s New Voices scheme, and the issue is a link between Sound and Music and the rehoused British Music Collection held in Huddersfield. The piece is #160304-[r] and is for clarinet, violin and cello.  I’d forgotten about this recording, so good to hear it again after so long. It was originally made in a few parts that could be permuted to produce multiple versions, with each section being one of the combinations of the three instruments. This is a fixed version of the piece, although you could probably mix it up a bit though if you wanted to.

There’s a positive review of the release at Avant Music News.

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