Berlin action

March 28, 2013 - composition / distribution

The New Silence gave the first performance of my piece the range of outside factors influencing it, as well as its own radius of action (2012) in Berlin last night. They asked for something for their ongoing series of ambient interventions at the bar O Tannenbaum last year, and it fitted in with some ideas about location I’d been working on. The piece takes a source recording of a space and plays it back into a different space. Sounds from both the recording and the performance space are reinforced by performers. The performance is recorded, and the recording becomes the source for future realisations. My original recording was made in the Waitrose cafe in Portishead (free coffee with a Waitrose card!), and this was then played back in the Berlin bar, with both soundscapes being doubled by the musicians. You can hear the original recording and their realisation below by clicking on the map, and there’s more information on the piece here. The pieces is available for performance, so please get in touch if you want to make a version and continue the project.

The map below shows the locations where each recording was made. The lines link these locations, showing where one recording becomes the source for the next performance. Click on each point to hear the recording of the performance in that location.

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