what you must do on the radio

March 15, 2013 - composition / distribution

Johnny Chang organised a collaboration between Avant Gardening, a show on Dunedin radio, and Raudio Aasland on reboot.fm in Berlin last week. The show made an arrangement of my piece what you must do, rather than must not do for two live radio transmissions and three performers, working with their physical displacement and the way the instructions in the score prescribe actions. The three performers – Radio Cegeste in New Zealand, and Johnny Chang and Lilith Finkenzeller in Germany – embedded their recorded instructions and responses (which included use of a music box, bat detector, theremin, cassette player, record player, field recordings, toy guitar, am/fm radio, tape recorder, milk frother, small fan, walkie talkie, concertina, tape recorder, soldering devices, beverages and a tin can) into the programmes broadcast on each station. I was really surprised by the result. Although my piece is there in the background, the response and way of framing the idea to produce other work was very pleasing and very much in the spirit of this shared approach to music making. You can hear the combined recordings below:

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