murmuration at Cafe Oto

October 15, 2012 - composition / performing

Saturday was a very good day. Simon Reynell had organised what was, I believe, the biggest ensemble to perform at Cafe Oto, comprising a group of c.40 players as part of the launch of the new Another Timbre boxed set Wandelweiser und so weiter. As it turned out, the standard new music concern of ensemble outnumbering audience didn’t materialise, with a very full venue as a result. As Dom Lash observed, standing room only for a Wandelweiser gig.

The programme comprised pieces by Wandelweiser composers Sam Sfirri, Michael Pisaro and Manfred Werder, together with a realisation of Cage’s Four6, and my orchestra piece things whole and not whole. We had rehearsed earlier in the day at the Vortex, and made a recording.

You can read a far more articulate review of the performance here at The Watchful Ear.

Here are some photos, courtesy of Tim Parkinson and Bruno Guastalla.


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