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September 2, 2011 - composition / surfaces

There’s now a website that will document the project I’m doing with Simon Limbrick for hcmf// this year. The piece is called surfaces and is part of an ongoing project, on the sonic properties of materials, which investigates the way in which sounds can be elicited from simple materials. There are some pictures of the work we’ve been doing here. The piece uses surfaces – including various types of paper, wood and other recyclable materials – as the instrumentation, with a verbal score describing actions to be undertaken. During the performance, overlaid instructions transform the materials, leaving a pile of detritus by the end. In the version Simon is going to realise, the performance will last 24 hours. He is going to be working at Aldeburgh in early November during the TEDx event in the lead up to the Huddersfield performance, which happens from 11am on Saturday 20 November. The festival performance will also be streamed live on the web.

For more information on the project, have a look at the website.


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