June 29, 2011 - composition / surfaces

Simon Limbrick visited me in Bath last week to continue our work for the piece we’re making for hcmf this November. It uses surfaces as the sound sources, activated by other surfaces, objects, or manipulation. We’re experimenting with materials at the moment, having sourced a variety of papers. Simon will be performing the piece for 24-hours in November, following a retreat in Scotland and an artist residency at the TEDx conference in Aldeburgh where he’ll be working on the piece.

The score is a series of instructions that are applied to whichever surfaces are to hand. They can be applied repeatedly, transforming the materials as the piece progresses.

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  1. […] which investigates the way in which sounds can be elicited from simple materials. There are some pictures of the work we’ve been doing here. The piece uses surfaces – including various types of paper, wood and other recyclable […]

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